ClimateCoating® products offer practical solutions to problems. Molds on walls, algae growth, brittle and dirty facades are effectively combated or prevented. Moisture ingress due to driving rain is reduced or prevented. The heating of roofs, interiors, containers or tanks is significantly reduced.

Reflective membrane technology
The secret lies in the specially developed hollow glass-ceramic bodies, which enclose a vacuum. We have combined these glass-ceramic hollow particles with an extremely adhesive, specially developed dispersion and selected activators. After application, the coating forms a so-called reflective membrane.

The effect and advantages of the coating are based on these processes of building physics: Reflection, directed evaporation and anti-electrostatic. The extraordinary material resistance makes the coatings robust, adaptable and very durable.

The environmental plus: All ClimateCoating® products are water-based and solvent-free.
The design advantage: almost all color shades are possible.

Reflective membrane technology working principle
Reflective membrane technology working principle
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KI-Tool Calculus

The AI-based temperature calculator Calculus® can be used to make predictions about how indoor temperatures will change with various coatings on the building. From this, possible energy savings of different building types under climatically divergent conditions can be derived.

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