PU Safe Coating

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The efficient protective coating for PU foam

PU Safe Coating is a sealant coating for application on polyurethane foam as a protective coating for window and door installation. Simply and quickly applied, it forms a waterproof, flexible and protective membrane exactly where different materials meet.

PU Safe Coating is innovative, environmentally friendly, effective and powerful.

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This method of sealing windows and doors during installation is simpler and more economical than conventional methods using Compriband, joint sealing tape or foil. With the new method, the window remains tight all around, in cold as well as in warm weather, in driving rain or long dry spells.

The variable diffusion openness of PU Safe Coating makes it possible to use it both indoors and outdoors. PU Safe Coating forms a flexible membrane. The good thing about it is that the vapour tightness of the membrane-forming seal coating is variable. It adapts to the ambient conditions in such a way that it blocks or lets through – depending on the vapour pressure gradient.

PU Safe Coating adheres well to all conventional materials and is simply applied with a brush – preferably twice, so that the product properties can have an optimum effect. The dispersion should cover both the thermal insulation layer (PU mounting foam) and all joints, as well as minimally the contacting surfaces around the window or door frame.

PU Safe Coating used in combination with the interior wall paint ThermoPlus or the facade paint ThermoProtect minimises or avoids cold bridges! For more information, please contact our experienced application consultants.

application: paintbrush
indoors / outdoors
saves time and money
variable diffusion
weather resistant
Other properties

bridging fine cracks, driving rain proof, free from aromatics, free from organic solvents, good adhesion, mild-smelling, moisture-regulating, non-brittle, pore-closing, stretchy, UV-stable, very low VOC, water-based, well covering

Container sizes

1,00 l, 2,80 l

Color, application, processing

Available in white and light shades, Consumption: 2.80 litres are sufficient for approx. 5 sqm when applied 2 times. (With a joint width of 2 cm around the window or door, this corresponds to a length of 154 m)., easy processing, matte, Scratch

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)