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Ready-to-use adhesion promoter for StuccoTex

StuccoPrimer makes the substrate fit for the application of StuccoTex. The adhesion promoter is the primer for almost all substrates such as old plaster and new plaster. It is based on reflective membrane technology, is variably diffusion-open and thus the perfect “player” in the StuccoTex plaster system.

Produkt enthält: 1 l


Fit for the underground!
StuccoPrimer reduces the absorbency of the substrate and enables StuccoTex to adhere to almost all substrates. The application is very simple: It is applied with a standard paint brush, paintbrush or paint roller. The priming adhesion promoter is ready for use.

application: paint roller
application: paintbrush
for outdoors
variable diffusion
weather resistant

Produkt enthält: 1 l

Areas of application:
Other properties

free from aromatics, free from organic solvents, Low VOC, odourless, variable diffusion, water-based

Container sizes

5,00 l, 12,50 l, 19,00 l (=5,02 gal)

Color, application, processing

Consumption: 150 ml/sqm on smooth, not highly absorbent substrates, easy processing, for almost all outdoor substrates, ready for processing, semi-transparent, with brush, paint brush or roller

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)