PU Safe Filler


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Sealing compound for PU foam

PU Safe Filler is a sealant or filler for application on polyurethane foam. The filler closes the pores in the PU foam and creates a homogeneous surface for further processing with PU Safe Coating.

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The variable diffusion openness of PU Safe Filler allows its application both indoors and outdoors. PU Safe Filler dries plasto-elastic, waterproof, chemically neutral and odourless. The high flexibility of the filler is particularly important in the case of thermal and structural movements of the components, because it ensures an uninterrupted sealing surface. PU Safe Filler adheres well to all conventional building materials, such as PVC and aluminium coated with paint or coloured plastic film. Classically, the sealant is used in door and window assembly when working with PU foam.

application: paintbrush
application: spatula
indoors / outdoors
weather resistant
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300 ml

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easy processing, Smoothing with spatula or moistened brush, white

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