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Innovative protection against mould

No chance for mould! ThermoVital is the physically effective long-term protection that ensures room hygiene and healthy living. Whether for rooms with increased humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and cellars or for production and storage halls, for example in the food industry, ThermoVital provides long-term protection against the formation of mould on walls. The special paint regulates humidity and reduces the negative effects of thermal bridges.

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Mould exposure – Why mould is so dangerous
Mould stains on the walls not only look unsightly, they are above all a health hazard. Even small amounts of mould spores can trigger allergic reactions, larger amounts can damage the organism.

Moulds need nutrients and moisture to grow. Since nutrients are present in buildings in a more or less readily available form, moisture is of crucial importance. The temperature and the pH-value play rather a subordinate role, since molds can grow in a wide temperature and pH-range. If black mildew stains or white mold fluff are already visible, action must be taken.

1,2,3 …mould free – The systematic mould removal

  1. Treatment of visible mould cultures with Sanosil S010
  2. Treatment of room air and secondary contamination with Sanosil S003
  3. Interior coating with ThermoVital for long-term and purely physical protection against renewed mould growth.

Physical effect – great benefit
ThermoVital is the mould protection shield that ensures room hygiene and healthy living. The unique dispersion physically promotes the drying of the walls to the building equilibrium humidity and regulates the humidity in the room. Millions of microscopic ceramic hollow spheres, high-quality acrylic polymers, pigments and synchronizing activators are responsible for this. The coating is variably open to diffusion after application. It supports the capillary transport of moisture out of the wall and thus removes the basis for mould. Another positive effect: thermal bridges are reduced and the thermal comfort in the room is increased.

Prevention is better than cure – Smart prevention in every colour
Who wants to prevent, can coat (paint) rooms with increased humidity load immediately with ThermoVital: Kitchen, bath and cellar or equal the entire dwelling or the storage hall. Since ThermoVital is a further development of ThermoPlus, there are no limits to the colour design. The dispersion can also be mixed according to RAL colour shades. The processed special paint is free of fungicides and almost odourless.

for indoors
paint roller, brush, spray diffuser
stops mould fungi
very low in VOCs
Other properties

free from fungicides, high colour fastness, Low VOC, odourless, variable diffusion, water-based

Container sizes

5,00 l, 12,50 l, 19,00 l (=5,02 gal)

Color, application, processing

> 100,000 colour shades (can also be tinted according to NCS, RAL), Consumption: 330 ml/sqm on smooth, not highly absorbent substrates with 2 coats of paint, easy processing, for indoor, high colour fastness, matte, Rolling, painting, spraying

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)