Auszeichnung Zertifikate


Future orientation and quality as an employer – for this, companies are awarded the “Employer of the Future” prize by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND). The initiative is supported by former German Economics Minister Brigitte Zypries. The award helps companies position themselves in the “War for Talents” in order to attract and retain talent despite a shortage of skilled workers. The award honors innovative companies with a clear digitization strategy that pursue sustainability goals and offer attractive working conditions. The focus is on modern leadership and employee friendliness.

For example, flat hierarchies, flexible compensation models or employee benefits, as well as individual training and development opportunities, all flow into a holistic picture. The overall picture is drawn up on the basis of an evaluation matrix that was developed with the help of experts from business and science.

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Zertifikat German Innovation Award

The German Innovation Award honors cross-industry products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily through user-centeredness and added value compared to previous solutions. SICC Coatings received this award in Berlin in 2018 for its thermoceramic coatings. Jury Statement:

“The ThermoShield® product range clearly demonstrates that heating and cooling energy can be saved with a thermoceramic coating in a simple, economically compatible way that conserves resources. Without environmentally harmful biocides, ThermoShield® ensures reduced algae formation on the facade and prevents mold growth indoors. In the long term, this saves material, energy and labor resources, sustainably protects expensive building materials, preserves values for future generations and protects the environment.”

Note: the European brand ThermoShield® and the globally managed brand ClimateActivePaint will be managed uniformly worldwide under the brand name ClimateCoating® since 2020.

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Auszeichnung Energy Efficiency Award

Singapore is one of the world’s leading cities focusing on sustainable urban development. To underline the importance of energy-efficient construction, the Singaporean-German Chamber (SGC) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy launched the “Energy Efficiency Award”. This award is designed to highlight the best German innovative technology used in Singapore’s buildings.
The Energy Efficiency Award 2018 was presented to our cooperation partner A.S.L.E. Green Solution PTE Ltd. in Singapore.

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Zertifkat All Electric Challenge

In the All Electric Challenge (NL), “Natuur & Milieu” challenged organizations and companies to provide a sustainable, high-quality and feasible alternative to natural gas. In this way, “Natuur & Milieu” wants to encourage the switch to electrically heated homes. “Natuur & Milieu” is an independent environmental organization.
Our Dutch cooperation partner ClimateCoating Benelux BV, was involved in a joint venture that won a grand prize in the All Electric Challenge.

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Zertifikat Energy Globe

The Energy Globe Award is the most important prize for sustainability worldwide. The Energy Globe National Award 2011 Lithuania was awarded to the project “energy renovation of a kindergarten in Vilnius”.

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Zertifikat Prix de L'innovation

SYNAMOME is a professional association for architecture and project management in construction – based in Paris.
The Innovation Award was presented in 2013 to our French cooperation company Colorterm, Ruy.

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Zertifikat Srebrny

The Silver Laurel of Malopolska (Voivodship of Malopolska, Poland) award is given to companies that offer modern solutions and high quality.

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The Green Building Material Certificate is a certificate that recognizes environmentally friendly building materials in Taiwan. Our Taiwanese country partner, Climate Green Care Corp., received this certificate in September 2018.


Master Certificate

Please note: The ClimateActivePaint® and ThermoShield® brands have been merged into theClimateCoating® brand, for a consistent global presence. All previous certificates and test certificates remain valid.

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Zertifikat Greenguard

“Greenguard” is a globally recognized and very strict standard for labeling low-emission products. All ClimateCoating® main products carry the “Greenguard” certificate in gold.

Greenguard certificates (PDF)

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), an ISO 17065 accredited organization, has reviewed test results data provided by a CRRC-approved ISO 17025 test laboratory and has determined that this roofing product (ThermoActive) meets the requirements in accordance with ANSI/CRRC S100 and the

CRRC-1 Program Manual.

CRRC Notification Of Product Rating – 004450 | ThermoActive (PDF)

Zertifikat IMPiB

The certificate of conformity proves compliance with the requirements PN-C-81914:2002 of emulsion paints for interior applications (ThermoVital, ThermoPLus, Lumen and Interior) and compliance with the test requirements PN-C-81914:1998 of emulsion paints on building facades (ThermoProtect, History, Exterior).

Certificates (PDF)

In 2015, the INSTITUTE FOR POLYMER MATERIALS AND COLOR TECHNOLOGY, Department of Paints and Plastics in Gliwice (PL), determined the total solar reflectance of various coatings, including ThermoActive roof coating with a value of 91.4%.

IMPiB-Report_TSR (PDF)

R&D Services, Inc. (USA) provides accurate and efficient testing for the insulation industry. More than 70 tests are accredited, including ASTM and CAN/ULC material specifications. The testing and consulting competence is recognized worldwide. R&D Services works with accreditation and enforcement agencies around the world.

Test reports (PDF)

Zertifikat Energieeffizienz Made in Germany

With energy-efficient products and services, we also contribute internationally to the development of a secure and cost-effective energy supply. > More information.

Zertifikat Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt

Registration of utility model No. 203 14 145.8 under the designation “Surface coating with endothermic effects” at the German Patent and Trademark Office on December 18, 2003.