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Technology that convinces

ClimateCoating® products help to save material, energy and labour resources in a physical way. Thanks to the unique reflective membrane technology, building materials are sustainably protected, values are preserved for future generations and the environment is protected.

Whether to prevent mold in damp rooms such as bathrooms, basements and kitchens, for long-term algae-free facades or to protect roofs from heating up – ClimateCoating® coatings help solve problems and convince customers worldwide.

To the product technology

New: With the help of the AI-based temperature calculator Calculus®, predictions can be made as to how interior temperatures will change with various coatings on the building. From this, possible energy savings of different building types under climatically divergent conditions can be derived.

Areas of application

Facades, roofs, interiors, wooden components as well as containers and tanks are the classic fields of application for ClimateCoating® products. Whether in the cool north, the hot south or the humid east, the physical active principles of the coatings play their trump cards in almost every climate zone.

For indoor applications, the product technology creates a healthy indoor climate, along with the conservation of resources and sustainable reduction of energy consumption. For the exterior, it means protection from the weather while at the same time having a positive effect on the energy balance of the building. The technology has received several awards for this.

To the areas of application


Why Climate-Coating

Environmentally friendly

The products meet one of the world’s strictest standards for chemical emissions and carry the “Greenguard” gold certificate. The use of our products helps to reduce CO2 emissions because less energy is needed for heating or cooling. And you can trust that we meet the high requirements in quality and environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.

Why Climate-Coating


The product technology, the formulation and the high-quality components of the dispersion created properties such as very high sunlight reflection and long-lasting colour stability, dirt resistance and robustness, elasticity and durability. The coatings and wall paints offer superior durability and stability that you can count on.

Why Climate-Coating


ClimateCoating® products offer practical solutions to problems. Mould on walls, algae, moss, embrittled and dirty facades are effectively combated, prevented or avoided. The heating of roofs, interiors, containers or tanks is significantly reduced. All positive effects show up as convincing time, budget and attractiveness advantages for you. The AI-based temperature calculator Calculus® helps predict possible temperature reductions and energy savings.

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