Excellent light reflection
Lumen is the light amplifier for indoors. The highly effective coating ensures a better brightness balance and a stronger light output in rooms, even with dark shades.

All ClimateCoating® coatings and inks are based on reflective membrane technology and have a purely physical effect. The environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings have been impressing users worldwide since 2003 with their special properties and high cost-effectiveness.

The Lumen product brochure as a scrollable PDF file

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Light amplifier for indoor
Independent research shows that the actual measured diffuse reflectance value of lumens at each shade is significantly higher than the standard values used in professional lighting calculation programs, such as Dialux. Millions of tiny glass ceramic hollow spheres improve the diffuse reflectance from 12% for white and up to 420% for black.
Architects and designers can now also use dark shades and nuances more creatively. Lumen literally adds light and colour to contemporary interiors.

Lumen is a further development of ThermoPlus. The wall paint combines maximum functionality, innovation and colour diversity and is used where particularly good light output is required: offices, schools, care facilities, studios as well as workshops and museums. At home, too, of course.

> 100.000 colour shades
diffuse light reflection
for indoors
paint roller, brush, spray diffuser
very low in VOCs

    Other properties

  • high colour fastness
  • odourless
  • variable diffusion
  • very low VOC
  • water-based
  • Container sizes

  • 5,00 l
  • 12,50 l
  • 19,00 l (=5,02 gal)
  • Color, application, processing

  • > 100,000 colour shades (can also be tinted according to NCS, RAL)
  • Consumption: 330 ml/sqm on smooth, not highly absorbent substrates with 2 coats of paint
  • easy processing
  • for indoor
  • high colour fastness
  • matte
  • Rolling, painting, spraying

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)