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Long-lasting facade protection with energy-saving effect

The ready-to-use facade coating protects against weathering, algae, moss and fungal growth and improves the year-round energy balance of the building. ThermoProtect is a facade paint and high-quality dispersion that keeps the facade dry, regulates moisture and temperature and is exceptionally robust and durable.

All ClimateCoating® coatings are based on reflective membrane technology and have a purely physical effect. The environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings have been impressing users worldwide since 2003 with their special properties and high cost-effectiveness.

The ThermoProtect product brochure (e-paper)

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The ready-to-use facade coating ThermoProtect has moisture and temperature regulating properties. It reduces the formation of algae and lowers energy consumption. The unique synthesis of a polyacrylate dispersion with ceramic hollow spheres and activators creates a reflective membrane after application, which ensures an above-average long intact, dry and weathering-free facade.

This membrane acts as a barrier that protects the masonry from the penetration of precipitation and condensation. At the same time, the capillary effect dehumidifies the masonry. A dry masonry insulates much better than a damp one! The loss of transmission heat is reduced. The dry masonry absorbs solar input from the low sun more effectively in winter and thus improves the energy balance of a building. An example from Sweden with 12% energy savings.


To the Calculus® temperature calculator, the AI-based web tool for predicting the difference in indoor temperatures and deriving possible energy savings when walls and/or roofs are coated with the ClimateCoating® products ThermoProtect and ThermoActive.

Temperature regulation
In summer, the exterior walls are cooled by short-wave sunlight reflection and by directional evaporation processes. This reduces cooling loads and thus energy costs. At the same time, the exterior walls are kept dry, which counteracts the development of algae growth, especially on insulated facades.
When used in hot climates, heat transport from the outside to the inside is reduced.

for outdoors
paint roller, brush, spray diffuser
power consumption-reducing
reflects UV-radiation
variable diffusion
weather resistant

Produkt enthält: 1 l

Areas of application:
Other properties

Extends renovation intervals, free from aromatics, free from organic solvents, Low VOC, odourless, variable diffusion, water-based

Technical parameters

Ingredients: polyacrylate dispersion, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolin, calcium carbonate, silicates, water, glycol ether, propylene glycol, cellulose, preservative for storage stability, sd-values according to DIN 52615: dry area: 1,30 humid area: 0,70, VOC content: < 3 g/l

Container sizes

5,00 l, 12,50 l, 19,00 l (=5,02 gal)

Color, application, processing

> 100,000 colour shades (can also be tinted according to NCS, RAL), Consumption: 330 ml/sqm on smooth, not highly absorbent substrates with 2 coats of paint, easy processing, for almost all outdoor substrates, high colour fastness, high covering power, matte, Rolling, painting, spraying

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)