StuccoTex 280

ab 240,90 

16,06  / kg

The ultimate textured lightweight plaster that reduces thermal stresses

With 0.85 kg/dm³ in dry matter, the StuccoTex 280 textured plaster is so light that it does not affect the static conditions of the facade. Thermal stresses are reduced because StuccoTex 280 is highly elastic. This means that it can also be used on demanding substrates such as wood. You can virtually bend this light plaster!

All ClimateCoating® coatings and inks are based on reflective membrane technology and have a purely physical effect. The environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings have been impressing users worldwide since 2003 with their special properties and high cost-effectiveness.

Produkt enthält: 1 kg


Lightweight, quick to apply and extremely weather-resistant – this is how a plaster should be in terms of processing and properties. StuccoTex 280 can do even more, because it is highly elastic and reduces thermal stresses, so that it can also be applied to demanding substrates, such as wood. The innovative product technology makes this possible.

  • 0.85 kg/dm³ light
  • highly elastic
  • approx. 2.0 to 2.8 mm grain thickness

Structure and colour
The plaster is coarse-grained and creates a decorative, homogeneously structured surface.
You have between classic white and very beautiful, modern pastel shades. You can set strong colour accents simply with the ThermoProtect facade coating. This facade paint retains all the properties of StuccoTex 280. Brightness reference values do not have to be observed.

Easy to use
This coarse grain is sprayed with a pressure of 3.5 bar and does not need to be smoothed afterwards. Alternatively, it can be applied by stainless steel trowel, smoothed down to grain thickness and smoothed. StuccoTex 280 is not rubbed!
StuccoTex is ready to use and can be adjusted with water to the desired processing viscosity.

application: spray diffuser, trowel
for outdoors
variable diffusion

Produkt enthält: 1 kg

Areas of application:
Other properties

certified according to EN 15824 CE, coarse-grained (2,0 to 2,8 mm), free from aromatics, free from organic solvents, Low VOC, odourless, variable diffusion, water-based

Container sizes

15,00 kg

Color, application, processing

Consumption: 1.5 kg/sqm on smooth, not highly absorbent substrates., easy processing, for all outdoor substrates to create decorative surfaces, paintable with ThermoProtect, Processing viscosity can be adjusted with water if required, very high colour fastness, White, pastel tones, with stainless steel trowel or by spraying (hopper spray gun or a suitable screw conveyor)

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)