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The temperature calculator Calculus®

Calculus® is an AI-based web tool for predicting the difference in indoor temperatures and deriving potential energy savings when walls and/or roofs are coated with the ClimateCoating products ThermoProtect and ThermoActive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been and is being trained with large amount of data from worldwide practice, including very hot climates. The algorithm uses data from building physics: the reflection of solar radiation.

Calculus® helps to better calculate the costs and energy efficiency of buildings. This facilitates the planning of the energy concept of different types of buildings under climatically divergent conditions.

The web tool is under permanent development. We will be happy to receive your suggestions and questions via the form.


Reaching the goal with just a few parameters

You enter this data:

  • Location and building type (selection fields),
  • air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned (choice field)
  • Type of component, dimensions of the component, geographical orientation (compass direction), existing insulation

The result in the form of a graph shows you the temperature development for each month of a year in the building – with and without coating. In addition, the average indoor temperature (MKT = mean kinetic temperature) of a building is listed and how this is reduced overall per year by means of coating. The results are available as a PDF download.

It is best to read the Instructions for use KI-Calculus before or during the use of the AI-based web tool.

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