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Reflective roof coating with excellent cooling performance

ThermoActive is the climatising roof coating. It ensures cooler rooms under hot sun. ThermoActive extends the service life of the roof structure and reduces the temperatures inside the building. This saves resources for the maintenance of the roof and reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning systems.

All ClimateCoating® coatings and inks are based on reflective membrane technology and have a purely physical effect. The environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings have been impressing users worldwide since 2003 with their special properties and high cost-effectiveness.

The ThermoActive product brochure (e-paper)

Flipbook ThermoActive EN

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The innovative formulation and high quality raw materials ensure that a flexible and reflective membrane with excellent properties is formed after application of the coating:

  • very high sunlight reflection
  • long-term material resistance
  • above average elasticity and robustness
  • Watertightness/rainproofness
  • Temperature resistance from -40 to + 150°C

High reflection values – almost like snow
The ThermoActive roof coating is capable of reflecting over 91% of sunlight. This is a proven peak. Pure snow reflects 100% of the sunlight.

Cost reduction through passive air conditioning
The reflective ThermoActive coating absorbs moisture that evaporates through sunlight and cools. The roof does not necessarily have to be coated white. High cooling capacities through evaporation are also achieved with darker shades. In this way, energy consumption for cooling can be reduced in any case and a contribution made to CO2 reduction.


To the Calculus® temperature calculator, the AI-based web tool for predicting the difference in indoor temperatures and deriving possible energy savings when walls and/or roofs are coated with the ClimateCoating® products ThermoProtect and ThermoActive.

Extended service life of the roof construction
The excellent elasticity of ThermoActive makes it possible to bridge material transitions without any problems and this at temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. The roof remains watertight. The coating is highly robust and insensitive to environmental influences such as acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen and sulphur oxides. In addition, the coating is extremely UV-resistant. No embrittlement, no flaking of paint, no weathering and that in the long run. All together, this extends the life of the roof structure and reduces maintenance costs.

for outdoors
paint roller, brush, spray diffuser
reflects UV-radiation
variable diffusion
weather resistant
Other properties

free from aromatics, free from organic solvents, odourless, variable diffusion, water-based

Container sizes

5,00 l, 12,50 l, 19,00 l (=5,02 gal)

Color, application, processing

> 100,000 colour shades (can also be tinted according to NCS, RAL), Consumption: 600 ml/sqm on smooth, not highly absorbent substrates (with fabric embedding approx. 1,000 ml/sqm) with 2-fold application, easy processing, for almost all outdoor substrates, high colour fastness, high covering power, matte, Rolling, painting, spraying

Technical leaflet (PDF)

Safety data sheet (PDF)