Sanosil S003


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Surface and aerosol disinfection

Sanosil S003 is the mould spore eliminator used to treat indoor air and secondary contamination.

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Sanosil S003 is fogged into the room to be treated with a cold fogging device. To deactivate all spores, the entire inventory remains in the room.
The exposure time is approx. 120 minutes.

Effective duo
Sanosil S003 & S010 deactivate mould toxins and their allergens both on the wall and in the air. So far no microorganisms are known that Sanosil 003 & 010 does not inactivate. Due to the good material compatibility, the building fabric is protected.

Sanosil S003 & S010 are environmentally friendly and completely harmless to the human organism after application. The products can therefore be used without hesitation in all living areas, even in the kitchen or children’s room. The rooms are immediately habitable again after the treatment.

Sanosil S003 & S010 have a high disinfection potential and are non-toxic, they degrade after processing to the original ingredients contained in the water. Detached wallpaper and other materials are simply disposed of with household waste after treatment.

Personal protective measures such as a protective suit and respiratory mask are necessary to protect against increased spore exposure when using Sanosil S003 & S010.

Produkt enthält: 1 l

SKU: 666.01
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