Mit Verantwortung agieren und produzieren

Sustainability & Environment

Guidepost for our product development: Less is more

We produce products with added value for people and the environment. Less energy consumption, less resource consumption. In return, more energy is saved and the value of buildings is maintained in the long term.

Signpost for product quality: highest level

We look to question every move we make and every approach we drive every day. We ensure that every batch that leaves our premises is of the highest quality.

Guide to environmental compatibility: Responsibility

We have looked for suppliers who themselves follow the principle of ecologically sound management, who take responsibility for the environment and – like us – are certified in environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

Zertifikat ISO 14001 2015 DE

The ISO 14001 standard stands for the continuous improvement of environmental management in companies. With the audit, we regularly and credibly demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection.

Certificate (PDF)

Zertifikat ISO 9001 2015 EN

The ISO 9001 standard stands for a continuous improvement process in companies. With the audit, we regularly provide evidence of an orderly management system.

Certificate (PDF)

Our principles in the quality policy and in the environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy are components of our company policy and explain the claim of SICC Coatings GmbH regarding high quality in product and service towards our customers, the employees of the company and all interest groups.

At the same time, SICC Coatings GmbH is committed to reducing all company-specific environmental impacts and, if possible, even to avoiding them. The relevant company-specific environmental aspects are the basis, which show where environmental burdens are to be found.

SICC Coatings GmbH makes a commitment to work on continuous improvement to avoid environmental pollution and to comply with the applicable legal obligations and regulations.

The work and implementation of our quality and environmental policy have a positive effect on both the quality of products, the effectiveness of processes and the reduction of environmental impact. Trust and satisfaction of our customers, employees, and stakeholders, as well as active influence on all environmental processes concerning us are the content of our quality and environmental policy.

The quality and environmental management systems are always reviewed for appropriateness and fulfillment of purpose.

Principle 1 – Environmental impacts / Impacts on the environment
Reduction, or even better, avoidance of company-specific environmental burdens. We review the nature, scope, and environmental impact of our activities, products and services on a regular basis and act accordingly.

Principle 2 – Legal compliance
Commitment to comply with applicable legal obligations and regulations.

Principle 3 – Objectives
Quality and environmental objectives are based on our quality and environmental policy.

Principle 4 – Customer orientation
We promise our customers and partners the expected or assured quality of our products. We use our knowledge and experience to meet our customers in a professional manner and to respond to questions and suggestions.

Principle 5 – Continuous improvement
Within the framework of the long-term development of our company, product improvement and product modification are the goal of our work. For this purpose, we permanently improve our own level of training. The quality and environmental management system is also subject to this constant work and improvement.

Principle 6 – Quality awareness
Through appropriate processes, information, training, and instructions, we maintain quality awareness in our company and constantly pass this thinking on to our sales partners.

Principle 7 – Communication
We communicate the quality and environmental policy and the objectives derived from it within our company and to our customers and stakeholders. Findings from this communication are decisive for conclusions and further action.