Cooling and cooling cost reduction

High reflection values – almost like snow

The ThermoActive roof coating is capable of reflecting over 91% of sunlight. This is a proven peak. Pure snow reflects 100% of the sunlight.

Cost reduction through passive air conditioning

The reflective ThermoActive coating absorbs moisture that evaporates from sunlight and cools. The roof does not necessarily have to be coated white. Relatively high cooling capacities through evaporation are also achieved with darker shades. Thus
energy consumption for cooling can be reduced in any case and a contribution made to CO2 reduction.

Extended service life of the roof construction

The excellent elasticity of ThermoActive makes it possible to bridge material transitions without any problems and this at temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. The roof remains watertight.
The coating is highly robust and insensitive to environmental influences such as acids, alkalis, ozone, nitrogen and sulphur oxides. In addition, the coating is extremely UV-resistant. No embrittlement, no flaking of paint, no weathering and that in the long run.

All together, this extends the life of the roof structure and reduces maintenance costs.

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