ClimateCoating® for half-timbered houses 01

ClimateCoating® for half-timbered houses

The photo collection on the theme of “half-timbered houses” shows shots from 2012 to 2015. The ClimateCoating® coating of the half-timbered houses was carried out in the combinations Exterior + Nature or History + Nature, Fix Plus or Nature Primer was used as a primer.

ClimateCoating® Nature for wooden components was developed to meet the special requirements of the oldest and most natural building material. Precisely because wood is so alive, it reacts sensitively to weather influences such as moisture, UV radiation, air pollution as well as fungi, pests and insects. That is why wood needs care and protection.

For historical buildings the product ClimateCoating® History is used. Almost every mineral substrate in old buildings is contaminated with water and salt. History fulfils the requirement of monument protection for a coating that is optimally open to capillary and diffusion, which should prevent salt and moisture build-up and also withstand all modern environmental stresses.

The combined application of the mentioned products for plaster and wood is the logical conclusion from the observed long-term performance on different facades and in different regions. The preventive advantage for half-timbered houses coated with ClimateCoating® is primarily the thermal calming and weather protection, especially against driving rain.

ClimateCoating® Nature strongly reduces the swelling and shrinkage of the wood. In addition, there is the excellent flank adhesion of both products – i.e. on wood and on plaster – as well as the crack-bridging, elastic properties of the ClimateCoating® membrane. This explains the very good suitability of ClimateCoating® for half-timbered facades.

Fraternity house in Erlangen 01

Fraternity house in Erlangen

Applications on various building components in coordination between architect and monument authority

ClimateCoating in the preservation of listed buildings
In 2005, ClimateCoating was applied to the Corps Baruthia fraternity house in Erlangen, Rathsberger Str. 20, in consultation with the monument preservation authorities: History on the plinth and wall plaster, ThermoActive on sheet metal parts and roof tiles, Nature on the wooden fence.