Protection from mold

Mould on the wall is a hygiene problem

Mould stains on the walls not only look unsightly, they are above all a health hazard and a hygiene problem. Even small amounts of mould spores can trigger allergic reactions, larger amounts can damage the organism. Moulds need nutrients and moisture to grow. Since nutrients are present in buildings in a more or less readily available form, moisture is of crucial importance. The temperature and the pH-value play rather a subordinate role, since molds can grow in a wide temperature and pH-range. Most of the time, you address this issue when you smell or see the mold. Prior to this, people rarely think about whether the conditions for mold growth are present in rooms or on building materials.

Mold removal, but how?

Whether scattered black mould stains or concentrated whitish mould fluff: action must be taken now, and in such a way that the mould is removed and has no chance in the future. In this context, the process or the agents used should be safe for humans, while at the same time being highly effective and offering long-term protection. By now at the latest, those affected are looking for a mold remover and damp paint. After all, walls and ceilings in the cellar, kitchen or bedroom should be and remain mould-free! This hygiene requirement must be met all the more by entrepreneurs who run food production or other sensitive areas, such as hospitals.

The market offers countless agents and solutions, many based on aggressive chemicals such as chlorine-containing solutions, high-proof alcohols or heavy metals. But mold prevention is also possible in a physical way and completely fungicide-free!

Physically effective long-term protection against mould

We have developed an efficient, environmentally friendly product that has already proven its performance many times over: ThermoVital.

ThermoVital is the mould protection shield that ensures room hygiene and healthy living. The unique dispersion physically promotes the drying of the walls to the building equilibrium humidity and regulates the humidity in the room. Thermal bridges or cold bridges are minimized. Fungal spores in the indoor air find neither nutrient nor foothold. The paint for walls and ceilings can therefore also be used preventively.

For mold removal and elimination of mold spores, we offer you the systematic solution:
The trio of Sanosil 010 (eliminates mould), Sanosil 003 (eliminates fungal spores) and ThermoVital (keeps the wall dry).

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Mould protection in the colour of your choice and where hygiene is particularly important:
in the food industry, in warehouses with sensitive goods, in changing rooms, dining rooms, hospitals or in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms.